About Us

Buoyt is a digital marketing firm which aims to empower businesses by augmenting their digital influence. We do so by levgeraging a 360 degree perspective and integrating A-Z digital marketing solutions ranging from SEO, PPC, SEM, Website and Application development, Social media marketing, Content curation and marketing, Creative designs and Growth hacks. With our vision of providing a digital identity to each and every business out there, we seek towards establishing and shaping optimal digital practices of local business, SMEs, startups, and brands in the sector of healthcare, finance, education, ecommerce, technology, real estate and entertainment. Armed with a wealth of experience and fuelled with passion, we at Buoyt are committed towards delivering a holistic digital experience for our clients to unlock new opportunities and pave the road for exploring untapped markets.

Complete Customization : We understand that a single approach is not optimal for every client. Hence Buoyt offers a complete range of custom solutions and tools , tailored to benefit your business requirements.

Amazing Features

VOI centric

Shifting from ROI centric to VOI, gives us the edge of extending a personal touch, allowing value addition to your business and not just number addition. Because in the end we all work hard for that one smile on our customers.

Hollistic approach

In this ever-evolving world one needs to cater all the possible horizons to meet up and exceed the business objectives of a client, requiring us to the aspects to provide the business with ground breaking disruption on the digital medium.

Brand voice amplification

In the 21st Century era of marketing, Content is the king and storytelling its crown. If your brand narrative lacks the “wow” factor , no one would buy into the solution that you offer. Our dynamic range of ingenious solutions ensure that your brand has an authentic essence and engages with the right audience at the right time.

Assisting your entire journey

We are not here to sell a product and get a price, we are here to solve your problems conclusively and yearn value to your organization. We offer complete business solutions and assistance ranging from consultation to cementing your brand status. Whenever you feel stuck in your journey , remember that we are just a call away(and it goes the same, if you want to throw us an awesome party!)