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Harsh Dev Singh

The maestro of the magic that happens in Buoyt, Harsh holds the position of CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer). Currently in his twenties, his knowledge and expertise to handle operations seem of someone in their 40’s. A friend of the startup ecosystem , prized with natural networking skills, Harsh is the man of the people. With his poise etiquettes and charm he portrays the essence of an English Gentlemen but is a pure Desi at heart.

Palash Chandra

The quiet geek of the company and the “quite loud” party animal , Palash heads the technical aspect of our company. When he is not stirring magic with his coding capabilities, he loves binge watching on Netflix. He is recognized for his proficiency in the field of tech and his great taste in Sufi music.

Karan Veer Singh

The self proclaimed grammar Nazi and a dear friend of the trend, Karan is responsible for all the campaigns and content curation.When he is not in the process of deciphering the next viral campaign or Hashtag, you can find him shooting his friends; No not with guns but with his innocent camera. It is his moral duty to capture any burning story or an eventful incident that crosses his eyes.


The creative backbone of the team and a recovering coffee addict, Romanchit has expertise in tackling the most grueling comment for a creative head – “Kuch creative sa bana de” (Make something creative for us). He has a big heart and an even bigger appetite for all sorts of cuisines, all credits to his Punjabi genes.